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we are building a new type of computer
to enable the future of machine intelligence
Technology Brain and Nests
Why Fathom
The only example of human-level intelligence is the human brain, which has ~125 trillion synapses. This is orders of magnitude more than today’s largest artificial neural networks. Fathom Radiant was founded to bridge this gap.
The limitation is the interconnect technology of traditional electronic computers - put simply, the challenge is moving bits around. By combining the complementary strengths of optics and electronics, we created a revolutionary interconnect fabric that is low latency, high bandwidth, and low power.
The result is a single machine with a network capacity of a supercomputer, which enables programming flexibility and unprecedented scaling to models that are far larger than anything yet conceived. This will allow rapid iteration and accelerate the development of machine intelligence that will advance our society unlike anything that has come before.
Technology Brain and Nests
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